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MUSIC LYRICS: Wale Turner – Awa Noni
Posted on February 16, 2018     By osangaope

MUSIC LYRICS: Wale Turner – Awa Noni

Verse 1:
Who be the hardest in the game? Awanoni
Tani No.1 Bi De Gea? Awanoni
Talo ma naa yin pa nidi game? Awanoni
Mgbor Shey Bobrisky Ni G.ay? Sh’awa mo ni?
Talo ma upgrade level yin?Awanoni
Talo Tun Le Change Schedule Yin? Awanoni
Tani Oga Circle Yin? Awanoni
At last talo ma help yin? Awanoni
Awon wo ni baba 4 the girls? Awanoni
Ni party yin awon wo ni guest? Awanoni
Awon wo lo blend yin te fi bem? Awanoni
Talowa pelu girlfriend yin lori bed? Sh’awa mo ni?
Talo ko daddy yin bo shey n rap? Awanoni
Ta lo ma ri picture yin ta double tap? Awanoni
Talo ma fowo gba babe yin? Awanoni
Talo ra oti to wa n table yin? Awanoni

Verse 2:
Awon wo lo n Pa gbogbo beat? Awanoni
Tani chairman gbogbo bii?Awanoni
Awon wo ni o like osho free? Awanoni
Talo ma form to ba ri Mikel Obi? Sh’awa mo ni?
Awon wo lo wa lati gutter? Awanoni
Awon wo lo fe ajeB.utter? Awanoni
Awon wo lo n beebe lati ri? Awanoni
Won de so pe oju won ti ri? Sh’awa mo ni?
Awon wo ni booda oni dada? Awanoni
LastLast Awon Wo Lo N Shey Dada? Awanoni
Awon Wo Ni Students Like? Awanoni
U dey among the people wey dem like? Sh’awa mo ni?
Awon wo lomo Ketu? Awanoni
Rap Talo N Ma gbo to ma ni Jesu? Awanoni
Awon wo lo n burst speakers yin? Awanoni
Ki de loruko hit track yii? AWANONI

Verse 3:
Awon wo lo n top gbogbo chat? Awanoni
Awon wo lo n l’eko d’abuja?Awanoni
Awon wo lo ti pe tan ti ja? Awanoni
Ati we eh tun sope shotiya? Sh’awa mo ni?
Awon wo lo n burst brain yin? Awanoni
Awon wo lo le burst game yin? Awanoni
Awon wo ladajo ninu court? Awanoni
Abi talo meran ninu pot? Sh’awa mo ni?
Awon wo leyan Shina Peller? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan EMoney? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan EbayCarder? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan Juwonlo? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan Akuebe? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan Headboy Ketu? Awanoni
Awon WO leyan Aliu Champion? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan Jimmy Jatt? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan V.J Adams? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan Mowey? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan Awazi? Awanoni
DO2DTUN 👑 nko? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan Kemi Smallz? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan Gbemi? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan Olisah? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan ToolzO? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan CaptainDemu? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan HoneyPot? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan Shopsidoo? Awanoni
Awon wo leyan Lapizee? Awanoni


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