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“It is okay to marry a 15 year old girl as long as she can comfortably take knacks” – Hausa man, Other Hausa’s agrees with him
Posted on February 7, 2018     By osangaope

So, there’s an ongoing debate currently going on on Twitter, and we’ve brought it here for you to read, and tell us what you think.

It all started when a Nothern Twitter user insinuated that it was okay to marry a girl of 15 years. The twitter user Identified as user @dadiyata wrote; “If she can comfortably take some knacks as early as 15, I see nothing wrong in marrying her off at that age. Early marriage is better than early fornication”

Another Twitter user, @Mahammadgi agreed, writing; “Child marriage!!! Child marriage!!! they prefer we feed our daughters and sister with contraceptives and let them contaminate the air with fornication”

Another user, @itz_imaam shared the same sentiments, and wrote; “If only our neighbors will understand this and stop thinking marriage at young age is uncivilized”

Then another user, felt age 15 is quite old, but agreed for age 12. “Lets confront them first at that early 12 years, you will realize how mentally matured they are.”

Another user, Usman agreed, “This I agree.” See his post below;

See a conversation over the topic below;

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