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Yvonne Nelson Reveals Her Daughter’s Name
Posted on January 3, 2018     By osangaope

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Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, who recently had a helluva time with her baby daddy, Jamie, has taken to social media media to reveal her daughter’s name.

The beautiful actress via micro-blogging website, Twitter revealed the name of her daughter as Ryn Roberts.

Well, the name – Ryn is a Welsh name which means ’Ruler’ and Roberts is the surname name of the child’s father…

And not to forget, Yvonne’s baby daddy, Jamie Roberts who is a photographer, hails from Wales.

Recall, in a series of leaked DM Chat, Yvonne Nelson was accused by a UK Based Nigerian Lady, Keela, of snatching the British photographer from her, after she introduced them together… adding that the Ghanaian actress had wanted to purchase slimming tea from them. It wasn’t long before Jamie and Nelson allegedly kicked off their relationship.

Yvonne Nelson's baby daddy denies

“He has defaulted on tax for years and paying for upkeep of his kids which is why Ghana would seem like a fine prospect for him,” the upset woman continued in the leaked chat, adding Yvonne Nelson can’t marry Jamie because he is still legally married to her and not because of the reason she gave.

“That’s the real reason they can’t get married, not all that bullshit she’s feeding the world… Jamie is still legally married and bankrupt [and] waiting on me to pay maintenance and court fees.”

“Like I said to Yvonne, Jamie is now her gutter to bath in, but after this parade of senselessness, there’s now evidence of his adultery in flesh and blood, which should definitely expedite my divorce from the sick, abusive mofo.”

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