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Ouch!!! Mel B cuts ex-Husbands Tattooed name out of her Skin…. LITERALLY
Posted on December 22, 2017     By osangaope

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by John Salangsang/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (5895377hx) Melanie Brown Stand Up To Cancer event, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA – 09 Sep 2016

Tattoos aren’t forever … just ask Mel B, who literally cut a chunk out of her torso just to get rid of ex-husband Stephen Belafonte’s name.

While the more commonly used method is laser removal, Mel took a more extreme approach to make sure the ink was gone as fast as possible.

The singer literally cut her skin off around her ribs to get rid of the tattoo of her ex’s name. The tattoo had the words “Stephen, till death do us part, you own my heart” down her side, and now we’re guessing it just says “Till Death do us part, you own my heart”

This indeed is a much more symbolic and dramatic act, as she had it done by a surgeon and required 12 stitches.

According to People, she said “I wanted the tattoo removed to help close the final chapter on a toxic relationship, Even though I’ve taken the steps to remove Stephen’s name from my body, the domestic abuse will forever remain with me.”

See photo below ;


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