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Nigerian lady receives N2 million from a total stranger after he asked why she didn’t celebrate her daughter’s birthday and she admits to being broke (photos)
Posted on December 22, 2017     By osangaope

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A beautiful Lady, who studies at the Nnamdi Azikwe University in Akwa, has revealed how she received a credit alert of 2 million naira from a total stranger.

Identified as Precious Patrick on Facebook, the young lady said a stranger asked why she didn’t celebrate her daughter’s birthday, since she’s known for uploading beautiful pictures of her daughter online… and she responded that she was broke.

The stranger then asked for her account details, and wired N2 million naira to her… Just like that people! Just like that!

“Who said their is no God ? Someone I don’t know from Adam asked me why I didn’t celebrate my daughters birthday,I told him am broke , he felt so bad then asked for my account details 😢, I thought he was joking . This brother sent me 2000000. Two million naira 😢😢😢. God bless you dear . Chai”

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