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Nigerian Father Beats Up Man Who Spoke About His Baby Daughter’s Breast
Posted on December 22, 2017     By osangaope

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So a Nigerian father, who’s a customer service consultant, innocently uploaded an adorable photo of his infant daughter on his instant messaging status and an apparent pervert couldn’t see the cuteness of the photo but the bosom of the little child… what followed next is what has us in talks.

The pervert then took it upon himself, via a phone call, to ask the father of the little girl, “why he exposed her breast” – outraged by this, the Nigerian dad who apparently knows the caller, then took to his location to confront him.

He shares his story – as he warns other people to try everything in their power to keep their children safe – as thus:

I updated my whatsapp with this picture of my daughter and somebody called to ask me why i was exposing her breast!

Fam! I left the office, drove to the bastard house club in hand, still bitter i got only one hit on the shoulder before people overpowered and restrained me!

You come close to my kids with your demonic sexual depravity and i swear on my mother’s grave that i will in police custody for premeditated murder! I will club you to death and ensure your corpse is unrecognizable!

Thunder fire you! Awon oloriburuku!

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