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More Photos of The Nigerian conjoined Twins before & immediately after their surgery in India. + Health Company That Helped Facilitate The Surgery Is Anavara Limited
Posted on December 22, 2017     By osangaope

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Yesterday, we brought you all the heart warming news of the conjoined twins who were separated in India.

The twins were given birth to on the 8th of May this year and their peculiarity had caused their parents utmost panic as they were at the time financially restrained and were in the hospital waiting to carry out a separation surgery on the babies.

Gracefully, the twins finally underwent a successful surgery in Bangalore, India, which involved 22 doctors.

But it should be noted that the Health and Wellness Company that helped in the Facilitating, wellness, and Identification of the best hospital in India for the twins is Anavara Limited.

After many hospitals had claimed to be able to to perform the surgery, Anavara went the extra mile to help the parents find hospitals that had done in the past and their success rate.

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