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Husband-To-Be Murders His Fiancee 5 Days To Their Wedding After She Discovered That He’s Been Cheating On Her
Posted on December 22, 2017     By osangaope

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A Thai electrical engineer, Ronnachai Panchart has confessed to the police that he murdered his fiancee less than a week before their wedding.

The 2-year-old admitted to the crime after being interrogated for several hours, to killing government dental official 25-year-old Nontiya Krowjatturat, early Tuesday morning in Tha Sae district of Chumphon province.

Ronnachai and Nontiya were supposed to be married on Christmas Eve in Nontiya’s hometown in the province’s Sawi district.

Though police are still trying to pull details from the alleged killer, it seems that infidelity was at the core of the crime.


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