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Beautiful photos of a Nigerian Female Police Officer who just graduated from the Police Academy
Posted on December 22, 2017     By osangaope

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Her glowing beauty has melted the hearts of social media users with some young men seeking for her hand in marriage.

Read her story as shared by a family member below:

” @abaladeborah – A year ago, i took this awesome lil sister of mine @abala_a to Police Staff College Jos, where she began her vigorious training to becoming one of the finest Police Officer.

Truth to be told at that moment we were emotional unstable and traumatized because our dad was just discharged from the hospital, he had stroke that almost took his life, so it was so difficult for her to fully concentrate in School.

Not knowing what will happen next in her family, even through the training process she tries to contact home everyday, just to keep up.

I just want to bless God for her life because the Grace of God was sufficient in her life, he saw her through the whole one year training, she has never called to complain of lack, want or any type of sickness, she never thought she could make it but everyday God restores her strength and she was loved by everyone, despite her height and little statue it all worked to her advantage..

All glory to God, Abala family are proud of u dear, you are a product of Grace, FGC Sokoto/ FGC Kwali Abuja, University of Maiduguri, are also proud of you…thank u to all our families and friends who prayed for us and travelled to Jos for the celebration..God bless us. (With all that has been said she still drives me crazy whenever she wants like every sister does ) Congratulations once more .. Asp. Abala Abigail, Junior, Hukuma.”

See more photos:

Abala Abigail

Abala Abigail

Abala Abigail

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